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Welcome to Surprise Mechanic, the trivia game focused in the gaming industry. Test yourself and your friends with questions about the gaming industry with a huge variety of themes on the matter.

Important Note: Until the Covid-19 crisis is declared over, 50% of all profits of all versions of this game and the version of The Tower: The Order of XII published on itch.io Will be donated to help fight the effect of the virus.


- Trivia Mode: Complete a series of questions of multiple choice answer in a row chosen from a pool of currently 500 questions.

- Generator Mode: Generate a question, answer and bonus action to test your friend's knowledge. Bonus actions are a fun way to give your friends a bit of an extra challenge and have some healthy laugh in the process.

- Story Mode (TBA): Use your knowledge of the gaming industry to fight your way through a dungeon, get rich and uncover the truth of where you are.


Buy Now$1.00 USD or more

In order to download this game you must purchase it at or above the minimum price of $1 USD. You will get access to the following files:

Surprise Mechanic V3.rar 21 MB
Surprise Mechanic V4.rar 68 MB

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Tried to download both of the available versions here, but attempting to unpack the .rar files says "the archive is either in unknown format or damaged." Running a repair on it just spawns an empty folder. :(

Another person had a similar problem. Try extract here with win rar. Files are fine, just downloaded myself. Sometimes the extraction program just gets crazy or something, little more I can do from my side.


The font is a serious struggle to read quickly at any size, please add alternatives for accessibility. Also the incorrect answers frequently make no sense, making it extremely easy to get the correct answer by elimination.


The font is something I could look up but because I want to keep the pixel style is complicated as not all pixel fonts available for commercial use are compatible with characters outside English and the ones that are, don't really fit all that well for my taste. I will try to find a font that is more pleasing to you but is not an urgent matter at the moment. 

As for the incorrect answers, is made that way because is far too complicated for my knowledge with programming and I focus on Game/Level Design. While I could try to find a way to do it myself with time and that way improve how the system works in the game, the easier route would be to hire someone more capable which is not an option as I don't have the money for it.

I appreciate your feedback but right now, unless is something that has an easy way to fix it or a huge bug within the game, I have no plans for further modifications in the game.

Great work! There is a typo in the description/intro saying "Convid" instead of "Covid".  


Easy fix, thanks!

I enjoy quiz games but that background shifting up and down gave me a headache and I had to switch it off after only 2 minutes.

Sorry to hear about that, I thought it was slow enough it would not cause any kind of issue of this nature. I'll see if I can slow it down a bit more.

(1 edit)

Should be slower now, like far slower. let me know how that goes for you.

This is great, much easier on the eyes! Thanks

No problem, enjoy!

Una pequeña pregunta: ¿cual es la diferencia entre las dos versiones?


v2 has options to play while streaming, a special layout. We also made changes to the normal layout and introduced a how to play to explain a couple things.

Perfect, thank you. Love it.